Rockstar Party Trolley
The Mega Trolley
32 Passengers
$200/Hr Weekends
$175/Hr Weekdays
  • Traditional wood seating
  • Party-style, open air seating
  • Biggest Trolley in Town
Rockstar Party Trolley
The Limo Trolley
20 Passengers
$150/Hr Weekends
$125/Hr Weekdays
  • Limo-style seating
  • Flat Screen TV and Ice Bar
  • Open Air Cabin
Rockstar Party Trolley
The White Knight
26 Passengers
$175/Hr Weekends
$150/Hr Weekdays
  • Open Air Trolley
  • Parameter Wood-Style Seating
  • Great for special occasions such as weddings
  • Clean Air Vehicle CNG
  • *2 Hour Minimum on Weekdays
  • *5 Hour Minimum on Saturdays
  • *3 Hour Minimum on Fridays & Sundays
Tax And Gratuity Not Included In Price
*$50 off all bookings on Sunday